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But we’ve always done it this way

Rightly quoted by Grace Hopper, one of the most inspirational computer pioneers, the words “We’ve always done it this way” make up the most dangerous phrase in language. Yet we find ourselves shuffling from government office to banking institution and back again, greasing palms while trying to file land papers, hunt down drivers licenses, forage for passports. All the while getting stuck in impassable traffic under 40 degree equatorial heat. We use antiquated systems and processes that seem to hinder progress before it even takes root.

As private companies swoop in with new technologies, stealing our data to push fake news and senseless advertisement at us, we’re left wondering how can public services catch up and use this technology and data for good?

Here’s where Pollicy comes in. Channeling all the frustration and optimism housed within us, we are aiming to transform how citizens receive public services by using low-cost and easily accessible technology and data to create better experiences. Whether it’s processing legal documents, receiving healthcare or fighting injustice. We want to re-design how governments and citizens interact with one another and how information flows. As access to basic technology mushrooms, there is no better time to re-invent ourselves.

Exciting? Yes!
But wait, there’s more.

We can’t do this by ourselves. We want Pollicy to be a meeting place, a space for discussion, for research, for ideas, for venting and for collaborating. We’re looking for African contributors, collaborators and leaders to support this movement through analysis, opinion pieces, satire or comics. Let’s cut out the barriers to information flow, whether its from academia to bloggers to the “common man”.

To learn more about Pollicy and how to contribute, please visit our website: pollicy.org

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